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The RE-SKIN project is developing an advanced, integrated and multifunctional retrofit system targeting the renovation of the European building stock by combining energy efficiency, smart readiness, sustainability and circular economy.

Renewable and Environmentally Sustainable Kit for building INtegration.

The RE-SKIN project aims to develop a multifunctional package capable of transforming an existing, energy-intensive building into a modern, efficient and, above all, sustainable structure.

Integrating ICT, renewable energy, sustainable materials, and new-generation installations, RE-SKIN offers a holistic and systemic solution for the energy retrofit and smart upgrade of residential, commercial and public buildings.

The system’s special configuration and flexibility make it suitable for application all over Europe.






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The project picks up the baton from the previous HEART project, which proved able to reduce the consumption of existing buildings by up to 90%. Being an evolutionary step, even better performance is expected for RE-SKIN, with further cost optimisation. All this makes it an excellent tool for the EU’s energy-environmental strategies. Moreover, the flexibility of the concept and the adaptability of its design allows it to be applied practically throughout the European Union.

Niccolò Aste, professor of the Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), project coordinator of RE-SKIN.

Integrated and multifunctional system

Circularity of the system

  • All the components can be used together or adapted to your needs.
  • Components are compatible with the existing structure.
  • The use of these components is user-friendly and low in maintenance.
  • The installation of the components respects the aesthetics of the building.
  • Many materials and components are bio-based, recycled, refurbished or repurposed.

Renewable, repurposed, and recycled components

  • The technical components can be combined as packages or used (sold) separately.
  • Depending on the needs, there will be packages focusing on the roof, façade, heating and cooling…
  • RE-SKIN buildings (demo case buildings) use the full package with all the technical components to show the peak performance of the building.
  • The whole system is designed according to a circular economy logic, using mostly bio-based, recycled, refurbished or repurposed.

Cloud Platform and data collection

  • Information is accessible for both users and stakeholders.
  • Data will be used to optimise the system.
  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • The cloud optimises interventions and building management with the aim to minimise lifecycle energy and cost.
  • The smart control system will act as a unified control and monitoring layer for all the technical components, regardless of the manufacturer or protocol.
RE-SKIN concept infographic by POLIMI





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