10 April 2024

Building Green AARHUS 2024

Life giving cities and architecture

How do we create cities, architecture and societies that are in synergy with nature and gives back more than they take?

Our cities have the potential of becoming a viral part of the solution, and therefore it is crucial that we don’t continue ‘business as usual’ when we plan and develop the cities of the future. We have the necessary knowledge on what the planet needs, and we know human’s physical, social, and mental needs as well. It is important that we consider how to combine these needs when we develop urban cities, renovate, and construct new buildings. Therefore, Building Green Aarhus is focusing on how we can transform our cities to benefit people and planet.

At Building Green Aarhus, you will learn which role cities can play to make a difference. You will be inspired by both Danish and international speakers with great insight into urban planning and knowledge on more sustainable solutions for the construction industry.