15 May 2024

Involving our tenants in renovation

Our Sustainable Construction and Social Integration Topic Groups will hold a joint meeting in Lyon (France), focusing on involving tenants in renovation. This will be a great opportunity to increase collaboration and share learning between our Topic Groups.

The meeting will focus on tenants’ involvement in all phases of a building’s energy renovation. Workshops to share the different groups’ points of view will examine on the design, construction and operation phases. We will share insights and best practice from both construction and social perspectives.

Study visit – La Confluence

To spark off our discussions and group work, we will begin with a study visit to La Confluence: a re-developed area of the city which prioritises the environment and the well-being of residents. 

The area has underwent a massive reconversion project. We will examine how the neighbourhood has been regenerated – both in terms of new builds and renovation projects. The study visit will focus on the social housing complexes in the area, examining how the renovation of historic social housing buildings – such as the Cité Perrache – has also respected heritage and pre-modernist architecture. In addition, we will explore how new social housing constructions have prioritised energy efficiency and social mix.