22 May 2024

Renovation Roadmaps: Transforming Europe’s Building Landscape to Leave No One Behind

The prevalence of energy poverty within the European Union remains a pressing concern. Many households within the EU still lack essential energy services needed to guarantee energy-efficient homes and a decent standard of living for citizens. In response to this challenge, the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has recognised the pivotal role of renovation roadmaps in mitigating energy poverty, particularly in the most underperforming buildings.

The EPBD underlines the necessity for strategic planning and tools to facilitate building renovations, emphasising the importance of tackling barriers such as low financing and the lack of training, and skilled workers. Member states are called upon to establish national building renovation plans and passport schemes, outlining strategies and guiding owners in renovations towards zero emission buildings, to also accelerate the persistently low renovation rates in Europe.

This upcoming event seeks to shine a spotlight on renovation roadmaps, emphasising the need for these communication instruments to be thoughtfully designed to accelerate renovations on a large scale. It emphasises the importance of combining technical and social expertise to ensure an inclusive approach, that focuses mostly on the most vulnerable citizens, aiming to leave no one behind.  By coming together for this occasion, the four projects – RENOVERTYiBroad2EPCRENOCALLY, and GREEN Home – will unveil their recent results related to the development of effective renovation roadmaps in each case under study.