24 January 2024

Tackling Energy Poverty In Europe: Time To Renovate Buildings!

In 2023, 41 million EU citizens (9.3% of the population) couldn’t afford proper heating due to a cost-of-living crisis and soaring energy costs. Countries located in Central and Eastern Europe are particularly affected by energy poverty. The housing stock is old, and highly energy consuming. With a high share of ownership in multi-apartment buildings, the process of renovating buildings is complex and can be very difficult to coordinate.   

Communities need to be better accompanied by local one-stop-shops and robust financial and technical tools. With the recent discussions on key EU legislations and the EPBD coming to an agreement at the end of 2023, now is a crucial moment to start reflecting on how they can be effectively implemented to ensure support for climate mitigation and building renovation in CEE countries.  

Organised as part of the ComAct project, this event is targeted to EU and Member States policymakers, local authorities as well as anyone having an interest in tackling energy poverty through building renovation in Europe. Join us on January 24th, to be part of this critical conversation and contribute to a resilient, energy-efficient future for Central and Eastern Europe.